Wednesday, June 10, 2009

True Story

True Story, originally uploaded by Greg Easton Photography.

This is Sarah Michelle. Today was the third time we've met and the third time we've worked together. It started with sitting at Starbucks. It ended with one of those events that bonds two people together forever.

Sarah and I decided to shoot at the beach. After looking for the fucking beach for about 30 minutes (we only live in a state surrounded on two sides with beach...) we went to one of my favorite spots, the breakwall at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet. We took a bunch of shots that you'll see pretty soon here but I found a really nice, flat, big black rock and I suggested she sit/stand/lean on it and she did and there are shots of that and they look good yada yada.

Well, Sarah lets curiosity get the better of her and decides to explore the far side of this rock. And immediately falls in the harbor. And it turns out that this rock was a huge chunk of bedrock that is perfectly smooth and covered in the usual slime that you'd expect and it's slippery as fuck. She can't get a grip, she's sliding farther out into the harbor and out of my reach and the water is under 50 degrees.

I pulled off my camera from around my neck, grabbed the camera body and tossed her the strap. She grabbed it and I pulled her close enough to get her hand and pulled her out of the water. After the fear of the moment subsided I took this shot while we're still sitting on the rock recovering.

We laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm still laughing as I'm writing this. That could be the vodka though...

You rock, Sarah.

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