Friday, May 29, 2009

Posh and Naughty Lingerie Event

Who's in the Warwick, RI area? Come visit the girls in lingerie tomorrow at Posh and Naughty on Bald Hill Rd at 11am - 1pm

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedge and Ox

Wedge and Ox
Originally uploaded by Greg Easton Photography
A rare piece of stop-motion animation from me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alexis - Raw

Alexis - Raw, originally uploaded by Greg Easton Photography.

This is Alexis. Her friends call her 'Lexi' and I'm a friend so I do to. Lexi's fiance' broke off their engagement a week before the wedding. Last week. She's a bit raw and emotionally drained at the moment. Today she was in my studio really as more of a therapy session than anything else. The images we created together are unposed, unrehearsed, and real. There was no direction and no plan. It was just 'sit in my chair'.

I am pleased with what we've done together. I think she comes through loud and clear in every shot. She's bruised and broken and it shows.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a Droid, Droid, Droid, Droid World

For this brief moment in history, this is every unique 3 3/4" scale astromech droid you can possibly own. Oh, Hasbro, how you've taken so much of my money...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jayne Riot Takes the Fort

_DSC1970, originally uploaded by Greg Easton Photography.

Went to Forth Wetherill with Jayne Riot yesterday. Some of my best work to date. Click thru for the set.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nighttime in Providence Part II - Libby

_DSC1766, originally uploaded by Greg Easton Photography.

"Please tell me I can be the girl eating a giant hot dog outside Haven Brothers," was all Libby said in response to my email about the "Nighttime in Providence" project.

Click through to see all the photos and the hot dogs!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to the Shithole we call Rhode Island...

The latest in a long line of dubious distinctions for little Rhodey.

Rhode Island’s roads among the nation’s worst

By Bruce Landis

Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE — It may not surprise Rhode Island drivers, but the state’s roads are in the third-worst condition in the nation, according to a new study by a national group of transportation officials.

More than two-thirds of the state’s major roads, the study says, are in either “poor” or “mediocre” condition.

The group that did the study, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, used federal figures for 2007, which classify roads in four categories — poor, mediocre, fair and good.

Measured two ways, Rhode Island is third-worst. Ranking the states by the percentage of roads in poor condition, Rhode Island comes in with the same ranking, with 32 percent of its roads in poor condition, after New Jersey and California.

Adding up poor and mediocre, Rhode Island again comes in third, with 68 percent of its roads falling into those categories. New Jersey and Hawaii are worse when counted that way.

Only 18 percent of Rhode Island’s roads were in good condition, the study says.

The 2007 figures are scarcely a surprise. If it wasn’t already clear that the state’s roads and bridges are in poor shape, the state Department of Transportation has been increasingly sounding the alarm. It says it needs $300 million per year for the next decade to repair the roads and bridges.

On Tuesday, state Transportation Director Michael P. Lewis said that “It definitely confirms what we said last year,” when the DOT put together a list of what’s needed to put the state’s roads and bridges back into good condition.

Lewis said he believes that Rhode Island’s interstate highways are in relatively good condition.

“Rhode Island’s interstates are in better shape than our neighbors,” he said. That’s because the state has focused on those roads, so that other roads are in worse condition, he said.

The states whose roads are in the best condition are Kansas, Florida, Nevada, Montana and Georgia, all of which had 75 percent or more of their roads in good condition. Georgia had 92 percent of its roads in good condition.

AASHTO primarily represents state highway officials, including the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, which normally lobbies for more spending on roads and bridges. The group said the study was based on Federal Highway Administration figures for all arterial routes, including interstates, freeways and major urban routes.

The study gets off to a dramatic start:

“Killer potholes. In a flash they can dislodge a hubcap, shred a tire, or even worse, cause a driver to lose control of a car,” begins a statement from AASHTO’s president, Allen D. Biehler, who is Pennsylvania’s transportation secretary.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sahra Sahra

Went to Sahra's house today to take some pictures of her with her ferret Cinnamon. Then we went outside in the rain. I'm still processing pictures but come visit the Flickr pages to see what I've got so far.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Vulgarity and why that's not an insult

Jeselyn Blogged, originally uploaded by Greg Easton Photography.

A few days ago I started posting images from my series of nudes with Jeselyn and it didn't take long for one of the people who usually come to my pages looking for pictures of toys to voice their displeasure at the nude women and to state that some of my work was 'vulgar'.

I think that's FANTASTIC! I find it encouraging that someone had such a strong reaction to my work, whether positive or negative. And Jeselyn wasn't offended, either. In celebration I've posted a bunch more of Jeselyn over on my Flickr pages. Just click on the picture to go there.

If you hate it, I'd love to hear it. :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Suuure Lisa, some maaagical animal....

Photographers You Should Know - Episode 1

blondie gets run down, originally uploaded by nirrimi.

So, a little thing I plan to do from time to time is introduce you to photographers and artists that I really like and that you may or may not have heard of yet. To start the tradition I went with nirrimi, a sixteen year old girl who's a better photographer than I will ever be.

Check out her website at

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More anti-Star Trek reviews!

Follow all the fun on Twitter with #annoyatrekkie

More anti-Star Trek reviews!

Now this is getting kinda nit-picky...

The Anti-Star Trek reviews continue to pour in!

Follow all the fun on Twitter with #annoyatrekkie!

And add me at to keep up with all the stupid shit I say all day.

The Anti-Star Trek reviews are pouring in!

The first of our man-on-the-street reviews of the new Star Trek movie.

So I've calibrated my monitor...

Important thing to do, I guess, considering I'm a photographer. I still think I could stand to get a hardware calibrator to be sure it's right but I DL'ed a color management profile for my monitor and tested it out and it seems ok for now.

This picture of Tina Woods a second before being attacked by a giant squid is the first shot I've edited since the adjustments.

I blame Celsa...

...for reminding me that I even HAD a blog! I really should do something in here....